Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Happens When You Run Out of Plans?

I only knew one thing for certain when I graduated from college, I knew that in one month I was going to get on a plane with one of my best friends and go to Europe for 50 days where we were going to back pack, sleep in hostels and navigate our way through trains, buses metro's and unending sidewalks. I could go on for ages about that trip and perhaps one day I will. But the next phase in my life started when I got home, with one adventure ending I had no idea what came next. I had always had a plan before that, mostly because my life had three things at the center of it family, friends, and school. You take school out of the equation and your left trying to fill the time. During my senior year I halfheartedly applied to grad school to get my masters in genetic counseling and while it stung slightly to get rejected from every school I applied to, I was secretly ecstatic. Finally I would have the chance to do whatever I wanted, perhaps even take classes in something that had nothing to do with DNA, trust me in my world that is a shocking concept. The future was wide open, creative writing classes, vocal lessons, baking lessons. Of course I would need a job to support these activities so I settled into a full time position at the company I had been working at part time for years and moved in with my aunt in a condo in the middle of a very busy and loud city. Here is when my anything can happen plan fell apart and I found myself depressed. It's also where my story truly starts...

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